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South African artist, Tricia Julian, was born and educated in Cape Town.

She spent two years living and painting in England and travels regularly to Isreal.

Tricia describes her art as "varied, ranging from abstracts to super realism, with interesting nuggets in between."


Her dominant themes are colour and form, with light featuring in most of her pieces. She believes that the purpose 

of art is the conveyance of ideas and emotions and is always reluctant to title her work, preferring to leave the 

interpretation of it to the viewer.


Her artwork graces residences and corporate offices in South Africa, Israel and the United States. Her preferred 

media are oils, acrylic, mixed media, pastels and charcoal.

She also creates artisanal jewellery, using her training as a goldsmith, to form pieces using silver, copper and brass 

metals as well as interesting gemstones, using lapidary to cut, shape and polish most of her central stones herself. 

As a South African she has always been interested in the large range of gems available, that are not the usual 

suspects, and finds beauty in their imperfections and inclusions.


Enjoy looking through her  art works (in Gallery) and her jewellery pieces (Artisanal Jewellery). Please comment 

or enquire, without any obligations, other than mutual interest as well as a desire to know what you think. If there 

is anything you need or want, feel free to visit her Guestbook or email her directly. 



Thank you for taking an interest.


For a more personal insight into Tricia Julian, go to "About Me". 

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