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Artist - Tricia Julian

Thoughts and ideas

I have always been busy with some form of art or another, for as long as I can remember. From performing arts (singing, dancing, acting), music, drawing, jewellery goldsmithing, interior decorating, beading, paint special effects, speciality quilting and soft furnishings, watercolours, photography, oil, acrylics and mixed media. I tend to draw from all my different experiences and education to create in the present, in the medium of choice. As an artist, I am continually evolving and growing and intend to communicate through whichever art form best conveys my ideas and concepts.

 I love doing very large canvases of abstract forms and bold colours, but also enjoy smaller super realism stills and landscape type work. I feel that if I were to only do one type of subject matter, it would be very soul destroying, so explore all the time. I think I feel the free'est when there is motion and colour in my work - it's who I am.

I am a married mother of two who, like most moms, has to eke out the time to paint. Luckily, I have a loving husband, who supports me in what I do.

Most of my work in these galleries, are for sale. Prices are available on request.

If you wish to contact me, please email me at: [email protected] with your details and any requests or comments. I am also contactable on FaceBook as Patricia Gail Julian (South Africa).

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