Nature Nature Gardenia Acrylic on canvas brush and palette knife 98165814 Lemons Oil on canvas Large 186539432 Next to river SOLD Acrylic on canvas 102470600 Vygies/ Summer Flowers SOLD Oil on Board Medium Framed 168718992 Field of Flowers Acrylic on Canvas Large 102472712 Birds in Spring SOLD Acrylic on Canvas Large 168718991 Birds in Foliage Acrylic on Canvas Large 168718990 Leaves Etching Scratch Etching 168718988 Veld Flowers (SOLD) Acrylic on canvas SOLD 128184584 Birds in a Row SOLD 98165813 Fern 102471859 Red Fish SOLD Acrylic on Canvas Large 168718989 Study of trees - Autumn, Summer, Winter, Spring 4 individual acrylic paintings reflecting different seasons; shown stylistically and through colour 114611362 Flowers from my Garden Oil on board framed 144410481 Wild Flowers 98165816 Study of trees - Spring 114611905 Tree of seasons Acrylic 98145044 Strawberry Acrylic on Canvas board 98165815 Lillies Acrylic on canvas board 51 x 21 cm 98145062